Farmhouse in Pienza Agriturismo Cerreto - Mob. Monica +39 338 3311916 / Gianni +39 333 6712637 -

Welcome to the world of Agriturismo Cerreto!

And what exactly is a “cerreto?

Our name refers to the extensive turkey oak woodlands that surround our property, where you can scout for wild, edible mushrooms or track the abundant fauna or just enjoy the peace and quiet of unspoiled nature. We are so lucky to have such a large tract of forest; it’s a gorgeous green belt of calm and cool here in the Val d’Orcia.

In contrast to our cerreto is the cultivated landscape around the agriturismo. Typical of the large family farms in our area, you will find olive groves and grape vines, fruit and nut trees, and a large vegetable garden. We try to maintain a culture of sustainability and seasonal sensibility—growing much of our own produce and eating the freshest fruits and vegetables available according to the season. We invite you to share our bounty during your stay.

Italy’s agriturismo experience inserts public “hotel” accommodations into the active life of a working farm, blending common, social spaces with private living quarters. By choosing to stay with us and experience a slice of life on our farm, you are not only learning how modern day farmers live and work, but you are also helping Tuscany maintain lifestyle and agricultural practices that have endured for centuries. Your curiosity and support mean so much to us, to all of us, and we look forward to sharing our experience and knowledge with you!

The accommodations at Agriturismo Cerreto consist of seven (7) rooms, each with their own bathroom and entrance.

Room “Celeste”(handicapped accessible)

Room “Rosa”

Room “Gialla”

“Casa di Amato”

“Casa del Merlo”

“Casa del Guardia”

“La Torretta”

When you make your reservation request, please include the precise number of guests and any special arrangements you may require. Whenever possible, we do our very best to be both flexible and accommodating.