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Good mornings at Cerreto

At Cerreto every morning is different from the others. Enjoy the sounds of nature and the warm morning sun or …. just the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee and delicious sweets from the breakfast basket! Yes, you will be pampered with a special breakfast in your room: delicacies of our Grandma Lorraine. Indelible flavors in your memories.

Relaxation and tranquility

Every space of Cerreto is at your disposal. Learn to enjoy every moment. You can follow the itineraries in the surrounding area or simply lie by the pool in front of a beautiful landscape that made Pienza the jewel of Italy. Make this place your own jewel!

At the setting of the sun…

In the evening, everything seems more beautiful and magical. We cannot deny that there was a time when we wanted to keep for ourselves these sunsets, these long silences. However, with the passage of time we have become very generous and want to share them with you.  To make your holiday unique with such sheer simplicity makes us happy!